Still Razzle Dazzling: The Verdon Fosse Estate keeps Bob Fosse’s legacy alive through new master class series

Bob Fosse was one of the greatest dance visionaries of the 20th century. He directed and choreographed over 23 films and Broadway musicals and is the only person ever to have won the “Triple Crown:” a Tony (for Pippin and Sweet Charity), an Oscar (for Cabaret) and an Emmy (for Liza Minnelli’s television concert, Liza with a ‘Z’). Gwen Verdon, Fosse’s triple-threat dance partner, wife, and creative muse, inspired much of his sassy and sensual choreography. Verdon went on to star in such Fosse shows as Sweet Charity, Chicago, Damn Yankees, and Redhead. Today, the signature style of swiveling hips, turned-in toes and isolated snaps is universally recognized simply as “Fosse.” His innovative character-driven style helped define a new vernacular in the art of American Musical Theatre, making “Fosse” a genre of dance all its own…READ MORE


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