Antoinette DiPietropolo: A Refreshing Take on the Choreographic Process

Our business is notoriously cutthroat. And it’s no secret that some of dance history’s greatest choreographers were also infamously hard on their dancers. However ‘old-school’ this mentality may seem, it still perpetuates the notion that discipline and degradation produce great dancing. Fortunately, it is heartening to know that there are people out there working to—and succeeding at—changing this stigma. Antoinette DiPietropolo is a sought-after choreographer known for her keen director’s eye, smart sense of humor, and heart of pure gold. After high school, Antoinette continued to find herself gravitating towards musical theatre. She moved to New York City to attend the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA). “Early in the fall, a teacher advised me, ‘You’d better be able to dance really well.’ She said this because I’m so tiny (not quite 4’10”), and in order to succeed in this business, I had to be amazing at everything.” But instead of getting discouraged by the comment, Antoinette doubled up on her dance courses and landed herself in all the advanced classes before Christmas break…READ MORE

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