Dancers everywhere admire Capezio’s new Hanami ballet slipper

The new Hanami ballet slipper by Capezio, launched in March 2016, could be described as the Christian Louboutin of the dance world. The patented design and aesthetic of the shoe accentuate the line of the leg and foot. And, what’s more, this shoe is selling fast!

“Hanami” describes the Japanese custom of viewing flowers. Capezio’s Vice President of Design and Merchandising, Melissa Brannan, explains, “This was the inspiration for the name of the shoe! We love the idea that there is a custom dedicated to the simple enjoyment of natural beauty. Every year, the flowers get through the challenges of winter and emerge in the spring as a glorious display of blossoms. The practice of Hanami is the time dedicated to meditating on that beauty. It is a time of admiration. This concept can be applied to all of the arts, but especially to dance. Dancers work extremely hard, and after many years of training, they step on to the stage full of grace and beauty. They are admired by all who view them. The primary tool of a dancer’s craft is his or her body. This is the natural beauty that we admire. The Hanami shoe gives dancers the ultimate second-skin fit, so that all who view them can admire their natural beauty unencumbered by excess material.”

The Hanami shoe was designed off of the Sculpture and the Pirouette (two other full-stretch ballet slippers created by Capezio several years ago), with added advancements and fabric technology. The split sole, seamless, streamlined, absorbent, contoured, four-way-stretch canvas slipper (yes, it boasts all of those features) feels like second skin, hugging your foot with supreme comfort and flexibility. The slightly broader toe and patented construction prevent the fabric from pinching, wrinkling or bunching while still providing all of the necessary support of a traditional Capezio ballet slipper.

The shoe is available in an extended size range, from child through adult women’s size 16. While the Hanami is made on a woman’s last, the shoe is also suitable for men, who are encouraged to go up two sizes from their street shoe size. The Hanami is currently offered in black, light pink, nude and white, with additional colors planned for 2017.

The Hanami shoe was designed as the ideal extension of a dancer’s line and is a perfect shoe for dancers of all ages and levels, as the snug fit can help a teacher better identify improper technique.

To learn more about the Hanami ballet slipper, visit

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