Sophia Lucia stars in Hallmark’s Nutcracker Christmas

You’ve heard the name: Sophia Lucia. Maybe you recognize her from TV shows such as Dance Moms, So You Think You Can Dance, The X Factor, America’s Got Talent, Dancing with the Stars, or Disney’s Shake It Up. Or perhaps you’ve seen her modeling for Capezio, or you’ve worn her Capezio Turning Pointe 55 shoe? Or maybe you know her name because she holds the Guinness World Record for 55 consecutive pirouettes! Without a doubt, Sophia is a force to be reckoned with. And this holiday season, you can catch her in her latest role, starring in the Hallmark Channel’s A Nutcracker Christmas, airing December 10.

A Nutcracker Christmas —“Rising star Lilly James (Amy Acker) lives and breathes ballet. Her sister, Beth, is not only her biggest fan but often forgoes her own needs to make sure Lilly has every opportunity possible. Lilly’s devotion pays off when she is accepted into the New York City Ballet. Her biggest dream comes true when she lands the lead role of Clara in The Nutcracker and will make her debut on Christmas Eve. As she prepares for her big night, she receives the tragic news that her sister has died. She is removed from the show by none other than Mark (Sascha Radetsky), her boyfriend and dance partner. Betrayed and heartbroken, she vows never to dance again. Years later, Lilly’s niece, Sadie (Sophia Lucia), receives the same Christmas wish, the role of Clara in the prestigious Philadelphia Nutcracker Ballet, only to find that the ballet director is Mark, who betrayed Lilly years ago. Will Lilly see the truth about her past, and allow herself a second chance to dance and another chance to find love?”

Amidst her busy schedule, Dance Informa was able to catch up with Sophia to learn about her exciting Hallmark debut and what it was like getting to perform with Sascha Radetsky.

Tell us a little bit about your character, Sadie.

“My character, Sadie, is a sweet and talented aspiring ballerina. She is a lot like me in that she loves ballet and her family, and she will work hard to achieve her dreams. She is super surprised and completely in shock when she learns that she is about to live her dream to play Clara for the Philadelphia Ballet Nutcracker. I can totally relate to this feeling because it’s the same excitement I had when I found out that I made it to the final round at my first Youth America Grand Prix Nationals last April. Even though I have been dancing for 12 years, I have only strictly trained in ballet for the last 15 months. It was really easy for me to get into character because Sadie lives the ballerina life, and so do I!”

 Do you wear Capezio shoes or dancewear in the movie?

“Yes! I wore my favorite Capezio black leotard and tights in the movie, as well as my Capezio ballet skirt.”

Have you performed the part of Clara on stage before? What is it like to dance that iconic role?

“If you are a ballerina, you know that it is every girl’s dream to be cast in the role of Clara. I started ballet later in my life, and I figured I would never get that chance. So when my mom told me that I was cast in a Hallmark movie and I would be playing Clara in A Nutcracker Christmas, I was over the moon excited! My dream will actually come true! It’s one thing to play Clara at your ballet school production of The Nutcracker but another to be performing the role on camera for everyone all over the world to see. It’s the dream of a lifetime!”

You’ve acted on scripted TV shows and movies in the past. Is acting something you want to pursue more of in your future?

“I have acted in scripted TV shows, but my role in A Nutcracker Christmas had way more dialogue than I have ever had to learn before. I was fortunate to have the wonderful opportunity to work with Michael Lembeck, our Director. We had some one-on-one table reads, and he really helped me through my first television movie. I will forever be thankful to Mr. Lem.”

 You have extensive dance training. Do you also train in acting? What advice would you give to dancers who want to break into acting?

“Yes, I definitely have the acting bug! I feel like I have always had the acting bug. My goal is to continue to dance, as well as train with my acting coach. If and when another opportunity comes up for acting, I will take it! My best advice for dancers who want to break into acting is to get in with a great acting coach, go out on as many auditions as possible, and be ready for rejection because you won’t get every job you audition for. Make sure that acting is your passion because it is really difficult to do both, especially if you are in a strict ballet school.”

What do you love most about ballet? What is most challenging? What are some of your career goals?

“My career goals are to be the best I can be as the actress/dancer God has set out for me to be. I would love to continue with films, as well as have my own TV show someday that is comical but shows the beauty and strength of dancing (not a reality show, though!).”

What’s it like to dance with Sascha Radetsky? Are you a Center Stage super fan?

“OMG! Sascha…not only is he an amazing dancer, but he is an amazing person as well. He was brilliant to work with. And yes, I am a Center Stage super fan!”

Favorite TV show: Pretty Little Liars

After Class Snack: California Roll

Dance Icon: Svetlana Zakharova

Dream Ballet: Swan Lake or Sleeping Beauty

Dream Company: Dutch National Ballet or Nederlands Dans Theater

Favorite Band: One Direction

Ideal Day Off: Getting a mani/pedi, seeing a movie, grabbing sushi, and then shopping at the mall with friends.

For more information on the Hallmark Channel’s A Nutcracker Christmas, which will air on December 10, visit

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