5 back-to-school tips

It’s almost September, and that means “back-to-school!” This summer you’ve been sleeping in extra hours, traveling to summer intensives and competitions across the country, staying up late with your best friends, and relaxing at the beach or by the pool. Don’t let the first day of school catch you off guard. Listed below are 5 tips to help ease you back into school-mode before your first day.

  1. Get back to your sleep schedule. You don’t have to suddenly set your alarm for 6 am tomorrow morning, but set your alarm clock a bit earlier each day (and hit the hay earlier, too) to help get you back to your school year routine.  The National Sleep Foundation recommends that teenagers—especially athletes—shoot for nine hours of sleep per night.
  2. Mark up your new planner. Write everything down—the hours you’re in class, after-school activities, and dance classes and competitions. Make sure that you have enough hours to get your homework done, as well as time to hang out with your friends!
  3. Make mornings easy. Throw together your healthy lunch, prepare your breakfast, lay out your clothes, and pack your backpack the night before so those mornings aren’t rushed and chaotic.
  4. Set some goals. For school, dance, wellness, and even your social life think of the new school year as another chance to make some tangible resolutions. Try to drink more water throughout the day, set aside time to study for the SAT each week, sign up for a dance class in a style you’ve never taken, or send snail mail to your far-away friends from your summer intensives.
  5. Practice tech-free study time. Put away your cell phone, stay off of social media, and hone in on your homework for a few hours each night. Uninterrupted, your study time will be much more productive (and shorter as a result!).

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