5 Halloween costumes every dancer has in her closet

Halloween is approaching fast.  If you don’t have the time or extra cash to buy a new costume, look no further than your own closet.  Jo & Jax came up with 5 fun Halloween costume ideas designed from dancewear and props that every dancer has on hand.

  1. Dancer emojis: Grab a buddy and pick out matching black leotards, black jazz shoes or character heels, and black headbands (or cat ears) to dress up as the dancing duo emoji.
  2. 80’s workout girl: Pull up a high-cut leotard over a pair of brightly colored leggings, cut a wide neckline on an old sweatshirt, slip on some leg warmers, throw on your sneakers, and search for that old scrunchie to rock a side ponytail.  Go crazy with your makeup and add some chunky jewelry for extra flair.
  3. Black/white swan: Dress up as Odette and Odile—the white and black swans from “Swan Lake”—with a friend by donning white/black leotards, tutus, tights, and dramatic makeup.
  4. Backpack kid: After performing with Katy Perry on SNL, 15-year-old Russel Horning became known as “backpack kid.”  His “Swish Swish” dance moves (a sort of “pat your head while rubbing your belly” move) took the internet by storm.  Wear a simple gray T-shirt, black pants, and, of course, a backpack.  And be sure to master the dance move for an epic Halloween Boomerang (and don’t forget the dead-pan face!).
  5. Olympic gymnast: Decorate an old long-sleeve leotard with red, white, and blue glitter, rhinestones, and ribbons.  Slick your hair back into a tight bun, wear a bunch of your competition medals around your neck and bring along a small American flag to wave and pose with in selfies.

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