All about tap with Justin Boccitto

Some dancers nowadays don’t feel like tap needs to be part of their repertoire. The traditional trifecta of “tap, jazz, and ballet” classes is obsolete as dance students have infinite styles to choose from and are often more compelled to take trendier genres rather than these “old school” techniques.

But tap certainly isn’t going anywhere. Tap will always be that gem of a musical on Broadway, standing-ovation specialty number on a TV program, or electrifying live performance at a dance festival or showcase.

Learning tap is definitely a commitment — purchasing a specific pair of shoes, learning an entirely new language of movement and approaching musicality from musician’s perspective. But your knowledge and dedication from learning tap will transcend to your other dance styles — understanding dance history and culture, rhythm, grace, weight change, style, improvisation and more.

Dance Informa was lucky to chat with one of the most sought-after tap instructors in the business. Justin Boccitto teaches, directs and choreographs internationally, and is on faculty at a number of schools, including Broadway Dance Center, CAP 21, Marymount Manhattan College, Circle in the Square and The Juilliard School. His classes range from basic introductory workshops to advanced master classes focusing on technique, style, and musicality. Boccitto’s two cents? The gateway to tap dance is finding a teacher you really gel with. Read more about Boccitto’s background, upcoming projects and advice for “finding your footing” in tap class…READ MORE

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