How to prep for your studio’s dance team auditions

We’re half-way through the summer, and that means your dance studio’s competition team auditions are probably just a few weeks away!  If it’s your first time auditioning for your dance team, you’re probably pretty nervous. And no matter how seasoned you are, auditions can still be intimidating.  That’s why we’ve come up with a list of six ways for you to get prepared—mentally and physically—for the exciting audition ahead:

Keep up with classes:  It’s certainly okay to take a little vacation but staying committed to dance class (or attending a summer intensive) is the best way to prepare yourself for auditions in the fall.  Make a point to stretch a few times per week and incorporate some sort of strength and cardio training into your routine so you can stay in tip-top shape for all the dancing coming your way in the new year.

Dress the part: Don’t treat this audition like a typical dance class.  Come hair and makeup ready (nothing crazy…but definitely a clean, fresh face with a bold lip and your hair pulled out of your face), in a unique but form-fitting outfit (leotard and shorts or crop top and leggings…get some cute ideas here!), and with all your dance shoes (tap, jazz, ballet, pointe, character—pack them all, just in case!).

Understand the time commitment: Joining a competition team is a significant time commitment—in addition to your normal schedule of dance classes.  You’ll have to factor in rehearsals, team events, conventions, and competitions. Make sure that you can fully take on this commitment while juggling school and a healthy social life.

“Blend in” to stand out: Competition teams often perform routines with intense precision and in perfect unison. Work on executing the choreography exactly as it is taught to you/demonstrated in front of you.  You can certainly add personality to your performance but be careful not to embellish the given choreography.

Treat it like a performance:  Even though you’re dancing in the studio, make believe that you are performing on stage (with lights, full costumes, and in front of a huge live audience).  Dance with energy, enthusiasm, and joy.

Good vibes only:  Exude a polite, positive, and enthusiastic attitude before, during, and after the audition.  Listen when the instructor/coach is talking and demonstrating. Don’t chat or practice on the sides while other groups are auditioning.  Cheer and applaud for the other dancers.  Be sure to thank the coach/assistant after the audition.  If you don’t make the team this year, stay positive about the experience.  Trash-talking and complaining will only hurt your chances next year.

If you’ve auditioned for your dance studio’s competition team in the past, we’d love to hear from you!  Share your experience and advice in the comments section below.

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