We love our dance dads

Happy Father’s Day! We’re sending some extra love to our dance dads this month.  Our dads always admire our dedication to dance and encourage us to pursue our dreams.  Even though our industry can be so competitive and chaotic at times, it is so assuring to have the support of your parents.  So for this Father’s Day, we decided to list of some of the reasons why dance dads are the best:

  • They were always so proud of you when they watch you perform…even if they didn’t know what they are talking about (“You did so many spins!”).
  • They helped pay for all the things—dance classes, shoes, clothes, competition fees, costumes, summer intensives, and so much more.
  • They’ve made sure you ate nutritiously, stayed healthy, got enough rest, and took care of any aches and pains so that you could keep dancing for the long-run.
  • They participated in a silly “all-dads” piece for your dance recital. And you’ve still got the footage on videotape.
  • They sat through hours and hours of competition dances just to watch your three minutes on stage.
  • They drove you as your “personal chauffeur” to all of your classes, competitions, auditions, and recitals.
  • They probably made sacrifices—both in terms of time and money—so that you could pursue dance.
  • They’ve learned some partnering moves for your wedding day (you’ve already picked out your song and some of your signature steps!).
  • They picked you up when you were feeling down—either from disappointing competition results or an injury that kept you from dancing.
  • They tried to learn all the trending dances (the “floss,” “dabbing,” the “nae nae”)…and then showed them off in front of your friends.
  • They continue to encourage you to do your best and pursue your dreams!

Have something else to add? Leave a comment on why you love your dance dad!

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