Why you need more ballet in your life

Every dancer can probably admit that she could use a little more ballet in her life.  Whether you’re a “trina” or feel that ballet is a chore that you know you should be doing (like eating your broccoli), here are 5 reasons to slip on those ballet shoes and get back to the barre.

  • Strengthen your technique. In so many ways, ballet is the foundation of other dance styles like jazz, musical theatre, and contemporary.  Improving your flexibility, strength, turnout, extension, and execution will enhance every aspect of your dancing.
  • Stand tall. We spend so much time hunched over textbooks, laptops, and cell phones.  Ballet is a great way to remind your neck and back muscles of proper alignment and posture so that you don’t develop “tech neck” or slumped shoulders.
  • Find your center. You can’t master tricks like extended tilts and multiple turns unless you have a solid center and strong core. Master basic rélevés, single and double pirouettes, and devéloppés before attempting more advanced variations.
  • Practice partnering. Besides contact improvisation in some modern classes, you probably won’t learn a whole lot of partnering technique until your teacher sets choreography for your show or competition.  Learning the basics of partnering (getting comfortable with lifts, leading/following, and trusting your partner) will help you in any audition setting or professional gig.
  • Reconnect with the art. Amidst auditions, competitions, and conventions, it can start to feel like we’re always striving for that platinum trophy or perfect score.  But stepping back into ballet class—without any expectations other than the goal of reconnecting with your body and the music—can be the best therapy.

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