BDC launches Hip Hop Foundation Series

Hip hop has become almost a blanket term for so many new and unique styles of dance — street dance, locking, breaking, vogueing, commercial dance, jazz-funk, heels, popping and contemporary hip hop. Hip hop was (and still is) an evolutionary style said to have begun in the 1970s and ‘80s with the rise of hip hop music, dance crews, improv battles and television programs like Soul Train and films such as Wild Style and Breakin’.

Today, the various styles of hip hop include pop culture references, gymnastics and martial arts, fashion inspiration, hybrid with contemporary dance, and even a strong presence in musical theater. With all of these offshoots, however, it can be difficult to learn the basic fundamentals of hip hop in a dance studio setting. Because hip hop is always developing with the changing times, dance workshops and classes tend to focus on the newest, trendiest hip hop styles. But just like each ballet class has common terminology, set exercises and an understanding of the dance form’s history, so should hip hop dance.

Broadway Dance Center is excited to launch the Hip Hop Foundation Series. This weekly series will feature an exceptional lineup of guest faculty and cover hip hop fundamentals, vocabulary, warm-up, technique and drills. Industry-leading teachers like Caleaf Sellers, Cesar Valentino and Buddha Stretch will break down the basics of House, vogueing and freestyle. These unique classes are a great opportunity for both hip hop beginners eager to learn the basics and experienced — even professional — dancers who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the art form.

To learn more about BDC’s Hip Hop Foundation Series, visit

By Mary Callahan of Dance Informa.
Photos courtesy of Buddah Stretch.

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