LaDuca Shoes Feature Friday: Samantha Sturm

Now in her seventh Broadway show (yes, you read that correctly), Samantha Sturm is low-key famous for the perhaps one of the most beautiful bevels to grace the Great White Way. Originating her dancing roles in nearly every musical she’s been in—from NICE WORK IF YOU CAN GET IT and MATILDA to revivals of ON THE TOWN and now MY FAIR LADY—choreographers can’t wait to get their hands on the technique and virtuosity that Samantha Sturm brings to her dancing. And, having Broadway dreams from a young age, Sturm loved LaDucas before she even knew much about them. But through her extensive performing resume (and a stint in sales at the LaDuca store), she has come to champion LaDuca shoes even more.

“My mom bought me my first pair of LaDucas because I was attending the Broadway Theatre Project,” Sturm recalls. “I was 17 and had read that all the pros wore LaDucas…so I begged my mom until she gave in. We initially hid the shoebox so my dad wouldn’t see how much money I had spent on a pair of dance shoes! He eventually found out and was supportive—I think he knew that this pair of shoes was something very special to me.”

Soon after, when Sturm moved to the city, she picked up a side hustle working in LaDuca’s store on West 47th Street. “That’s where I really learned about the shoes,” she remembers. “I got to know each style really well and watch Phil (LaDuca) design and fit shoes on dancers.”

And, asked to pick her favorite style, Sturm goes with the Elizabeth—named after another leggy Broadway dancer, Elizabeth Parkinson. “The extra straps help me feel strong and safe,” she explains. “And they’re so sturdy. I’ve owned many of my pairs for over six years!”

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