Like swimming and dancing? Read more!

Have you ever dreamed of being a mermaid?  Well, you (sort of) can!  The Aqualillies are a professional synchronized swimming and dance company that performs in major cities all over the world.  The Aqualillies, founded in 2008, are known as pioneers in the renaissance of water ballet as entertainment.  They perform at special occasions such as fashion shows, birthdays, holiday parties, launch events, and more.

The Aquallilies are made up of professional synchronized swimmers and dancers.  Many swimmers were on their collegiate team or even went to the Olympics.  But even if you’re a dancer on the team, you still have to learn how to master the basics of water ballet.  Here are some beginner techniques that you can practice in a pool near you:

Sculling:  Floating on your back with your upper arms extended out and your forearms down.  Cup your palms and rapidly move your forearms toward your legs and then away, over and over again.  Keeping your hips high and your body rigid will help you.

Eggbeater: To keep afloat in the deep water, synchronized swimmers bend their knees (like a deep second position plié) and spin their lower legs in towards each other as fast as they can.

Fan dive: Stand on the edge of the pool (the deep end!) with your right or left side facing the water. Bring your arms up over your heat to touch and jump of both feet so you arc your dive into the pool.  If you stand with a few of your friends, you can count off so that this dive looks like a “fan.”

Tuck: Floating on your back, quickly pull your knees into your chest so that you do a backward tuck in the water.  Keep your body as compact as possible and your arms sculling to help finish your flip. Be sure to breathe out forcefully (or wear a nose clip) so you keep water from getting in your nose.

Vertical pose: Lay on your back and bring your legs straight over your face so you could kiss your knees. Then push your legs straight into the air so your torso goes straight underwater (your body should be perpendicular to the water).

The Aqualillies have companies in California, Las Vegas, New York, Miami, Europe, Australia, and Canada.  To learn more about the company and inquire about auditions, visit www.

Photo by Resolution Photographics/Aqualillies

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