5 ways to show thanks for your dance teachers

Thanksgiving is fast approaching (though it feels like summer ended just yesterday!), and the holiday season always reminds us to be extra gracious, kind, and giving. To help spread the holiday spirit, we’ve come up with 5 ways to show thanks for your dance teachers.

1) Say “Thank you.” This sounds so simple, but you’d be surprised how seldom your teacher gets thanked for all the work he or she does. From teaching class, organizing the schedule, emailing parents, choreographing numbers, picking out costumes, planning competition and convention weekends, and mentoring you through the years, a dance teacher’s work is never done!

2) If you’re performing in your local “Nutcracker” or holiday concert, give a shout out to your dance teacher in the playbill. “Thanks, Miss Suzanne, for giving me the gift of dance!” Recognizing your dance teacher is a sentimental (and physical) reminder of what he/she means to you.

3) When you’re home from college for the holidays, pop in to your old dance studio to teach a master class, watch a dress rehearsal of their Christmas show, or just surprise your childhood dance teacher with a big bear hug.

4) If you want to give your teacher a gift, think “meaningful” over “monetary.” Compose a thoughtful handwritten letter about how your teacher has helped you grow on your journey as a dancer. Get your whole class to sign a picture frame with your group photo inside. Or, make a cute holiday music video to share in your studio’s monthly e-newsletter.

5) Be polite, respectful, and professional every day in class (not just during the holiday season). Show up on time (or even a bit early). Don’t goof off, talk, or dance while your teacher is demonstrating. Come prepared to class and rehearsal (bring all your shoes, wear proper dance attire, make sure you’re well rested and fueled with healthy food, and take the time to rehearse and warm-up before you enter the studio).

How else can you give thanks to your dance teachers this season? Share your experiences and ideas with us in the comments section below!

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