The Cher Show

THE CHER SHOW.  I was very excited for this musical. Even if you’re not a Cher fan, you can’t deny respect to a diva who has reinvented herself and stayed relevant for over 55 years in show business.  I’m in my 20s, so I didn’t experience Cher of “Sonny and Cher” or “The Cher Show” on television.  But I did know her in movies like “Burlesque” and “Mamma Mia 2” and from her popular (and very autotuned) dance tracks that are always the hit of the wedding dance floor and at karaoke bars.  Despite mixed reviews during its Chicago out-of-town try-out, I was eager to see THE CHER SHOW on Broadway to learn about and celebrate this icon that has continued to remain a star of pop culture for over half a century…READ MORE

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