History and future of jazz dance in ‘Transmission’ documentary

What is jazz dance? As dancers, we’ve likely either taken a jazz class or been in the audience of a jazz performance. But the roots of this art form are deeper and more complex than, perhaps, we ever realized.

Transmission: Roots to Branches is a feature-length documentary about the history, lineage and future progressions of jazz dance. In fact, it’s the first-ever film to tell the complete story of this intricate and dynamic art form. The film, currently raising funds to complete post-production, is being made as a way to preserve the legacy of jazz dance and to expose its often-hidden roots. All too often, people’s perception of jazz dance evokes imagery of splayed jazz hands and the sassiness of musical theater “razz-ma-tazz…” These are all certainly very valid but only one element of the jazz tree. The hope is that this film will be invaluable to the dancers of tomorrow and for generations to come…READ MORE

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