Choreography Inspiration

You know that feeling of “writer’s block” when you have a blank piece of paper in front of you and the ideas just aren’t coming?  Well, writers aren’t alone!  Artists and creatives can suffer from this kind of work paralysis, too.  This can be extremely frustrating as a choreographer. But don’t despair—We’ve come up with some tips to get you out of your rut and flowing with creativity and choreography!

  • Listen to some tunes.  Steer clear of your go-to playlists and explore unfamiliar artists and genres. The right song will make you want to start moving and grooving!
  • Get in a group.  Working with a diverse set of dancers can enlighten your possibilities.  Pay attention to how the dancers move, their special talents and abilities, and everyone’s energy working together as a team.
  • Experience other art.  Go to an art museum, the symphony, or even an opera. Getting your mind off of dance itself will free up those creative juices to start flowing again.  Another “art” that doesn’t cost a dime?  Go out and experience mother nature!
  • Create a story.  Song lyrics, a quote, or a personal experience can inspire story-telling in your movement.  If you’re stuck, use the words “but” or “and” to keep the conflict, action, or inspiration moving forward.
  • Embrace improvisation. When all else fails, just start dancing.  Let your judgments, frustrations, and worries go and explore and play in a sort of movement meditation.  You’ll never know what you might discover!

Do you have other ways of getting out of a choreography rut? We’d love to hear them—Share your ideas in the comments section below!

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