Rock ‘n’ roll Romeo and Juliet vibe in ‘Bat Out of Hell’

Meat Loaf in a musical? I was quite confused but certainly intrigued. Bat Out of Hell has been in the works for many years and recently made its way across the pond for a short off-Broadway run at New York City Center.

Here’s a little background… Or, at least, what I was able to gather. We’re in a dystopian future: the land of Obsidian. A gang of rebels called “The Lost” has (somehow) been mutated so that they stay 18 years old forever (and just wait, there are more Peter Pan references to come). Obsidian’s dictator, Falco, wants to destroy The Lost and restore order (Why? How? We have no idea). His daughter, Raven, predictably falls in love with Strat, the leader of The Lost (#conflict). The duo first locks eyes during a violent police raid (how romantic), Strat breaks into her bedroom, Raven rides off with Strat on his motorbike, the two star-crossed lovers break-up but eventually make-up for a very confusing albeit happy ending…READ MORE

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