Our #MondayMotivation…Cami Voorhees

Here’s a little #mondaymotivation for all you dancers out there!  Today we are featuring JJGirl, Cami Voorhees.  You’ve probably seen Cami in person or in videos on social media slaying the competition and convention scene across the country.  At just 11 years old, she blows us away in every style from contemporary and hip-hop to even Latin!  Cami continues to take the dance world by storm, but you might not know just how great of an impact dance had on Cami.

When Cami was born, she suffered from extreme femoral anteversion.  This caused her legs to be turned in and twisted so much so that she could barely walk.  To help realign her hips and knees, doctors suggested two options…Cami could either wear corrective leg braces, or she could dance.   It took tremendous determination for Cami to retrain her anatomy and strengthen her muscles to support her.  And now, it’s incredible to see just how far that determination has carried her.

“I hope to inspire other dancers as a JJGirl by showing them that hard work pays off,” says Cami.  “I had to work super hard to get where I am today.  Just know that if you’re born different or not that you always have to work so, so hard to achieve your goals.”  Cami is the epitome of #tinybutmighty and we’re proud to call her a JJGirl!

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