5 goals for the holiday season

Just because the new year hasn’t hit doesn’t mean we can’t revisit and revamp our goals during this holiday season.  These winter months can get busy and time seems to just fly by.  One second the leaves begin to change colors and the next we’re bowing after our last Nutcracker!  That’s why this time of year can be a wonderful time to step back, take a breath, and set intentions to keep you present in the magic of the season.  Here are a few ideas about our goals for the holidays:

Warm-up and cool-down

The weather’s getting even cooler, so that means it’s all the more important to warm-up before class, rehearsals, and performances.  Bonus points for actively cooling down after dancing, too.

Give back

There are so many opportunities to volunteer in your neighborhood.  Donate some of your time (and maybe even your talents) by serving dinner at a soup kitchen, collecting warm coats and toiletries for a local homeless shelter, or singing Christmas carols at a veterans’ home.

Prioritize family and friends

Your fall musical, Nutcracker production, or winter showcase might be in full swing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make time for your friends and family.  Whenever possible, balance your dance schedule by prioritizing family dinners, holiday celebrations, and school spirit events.

Practice self-care

For some reason, we feel less guilty taking time to care for ourselves during the fall and winter months.  Embrace this as a time to recharge your battery.  Drop a bath bomb in the tub, light a scented candle, bake your favorite treats, or start a journaling practice.

Give thanks

We all know the holiday season is about being grateful.  Try to make this a daily practice (that might even become a habit that carries over into the new year).  When you wake up, acknowledge three things you are looking forward to that day.  And before you turn in for the night, list three things you are thankful for.  They can be as simple as getting to dance to your favorite song in class, petting a cute dog on the street, or grabbing smoothies with your best friends.

How else might you make the most of this special season?  Share your holiday goals with us in the comments section below.

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