20 things every dancer is looking forward to in 2020

The start of a new year means new goals, experiences, and memories.  Here are 20 things that every dancer is looking forward to in 2020:

  1. The new “West Side Story” movie.  Even though we have to wait until December for this film remake to hit theaters, we are so excited to watch this powerful story retold on the big screen (with new choreography by Justin Peck!).
  2. Whipping up creative snack ideas.  It’s important to stay fueled through our long dance days, so we’re looking forward to making some go-to snacks to throw in our dance bag.  Some things on our list are homemade trail mix, chocolate protein balls, and overnight oats.
  3. Everything 20s themed. The roaring 20s are back (well, a century later!) and you’d best believe that your school or dance studio will probably be holding a flapper-themed party at some point during the year.  So, find your fringe dress and knotted pearls and practice your Charleston so you’re ready to party!
  4. Committing to self-care. As dancers, our bodies are our instruments.  We need to care for our bodies tremendously in order to keep them healthy, strong, and capable of all our amazing artistic feats!  This year, we’re committing to self-care—that’s warming up before class, drinking plenty of water, focusing on eating nourishing whole foods, resting when we’re feeling exhausted or sick, and foam rolling out our sore muscles (so painful, but so necessary!).
  5. Summer.  From ballet intensives and cheerleading camps to pre-college programs and the Rockette intensive, we can’t wait for all the fun experiences and new friendships that summer will bring.
  6. Trying a new style of dance.  A new year is a perfect time to commit to trying something new.  Why not hop into a dance class that could expand your versatility and challenge you in new ways?  There are so many styles to choose from: hip-hop, contemporary, musical theatre, jazz-funk, swing, rhythm tap, and more!
  7. Broadway. Lots of dance is coming to Broadway in the new year.  Here are some of the shows we can’t wait to see: WEST SIDE STORY (2/6), SIX (3/12), DIANA (3/31), MRS. DOUBTFIRE (4/5), MJ (8/13), and THE MUSIC MAN (10/15).
  8. Stepping outside our comfort zones. As dancers, we love to express ourselves through movement.  But in this new year, we’re ready to expand our horizons with other complementary art forms like singing, piano lessons, or acting classes.
  9. Competition season. The conventions, travel trips, and fun times with our dance team are just around the corner.  We can’t wait!
  10. Working on our technique.  Strong technique is back in fashion (well, did it ever really go away?).  This year we’re determined to develop a solid technical foundation so we can be even more virtuosic and limitless in our dancing.
  11. Fashion.  We’re saving our holiday gift and babysitting money to splurge on some dancewear and athleisure for the new year.  Our top picks are Jo & Jax’s Petra Leo and Combo Top/Leggings set.
  12. All our favorite dance shows.  A new year means new seasons of some of our favorite dance TV shows like “So You Think You Can Dance,” “Dancing with the Stars,” “Dance Moms,” and “World of Dance.”  Our DVRs are already set so we don’t miss a single episode!
  13. Spending less time on social media.  We’re committed to getting off our phones and being present in the moment with our friends, family, and experiences this year.
  14. New headshots.  We’ve grown up a lot this past year.  It’s time to get back in front of the camera to get some new, fresh headshots that show off who we are.
  15. Bonding with our dance team.  Our teammates are like our second family and we cherish every sleepover, carpool ride, snack break between rehearsals, and as many convention classes as we can fit in our day!
  16.  Mastering some new hairstyles.  We want to perfect some fun and chic hairstyles to wear to dance classes, rehearsals, and auditions.  On our list are a French twist, full crown braid, and upside-down fishtail braid into a high ponytail!
  17. Leveling up in our dance classes.  We’ve grown so much in the past year and we’re excited to move up to the next levels of our dance classes.  Change can be scary, but we are ready for the challenge.
  18. The new “Cats” movie.  The musical film (starring Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, Rebel Wilson, and more) is already out but we know we’ll be watching it over and over again to learn all of Andy Blankenbuehler’s incredible choreography.
  19. The opportunity to grow.  Picture where you were at this time last year and realize how far you’ve come in just 12 months.  Maybe you perfected your triple pirouette, auditioned for your middle school dance team, or got your first pair of pointe shoes.  The new year is a new opportunity for you to push yourself and grow as a dancer.
  20. Not knowing!  This new year will bring so many unexpected and magical experiences.  Part of the journey is the not knowing.  So, we’re going to stay curious and excited about what’s to come!

Share with us what else you’re excited about in the comments section below!

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