Complexions Contemporary Ballet does what the company does well

Complexions Contemporary Ballet, now in its 26th year, remains one of the leading contemporary ballet companies. Its mission — to create groundbreaking art that transcends traditional boundaries and unites cultures, methods, and styles from around the world. While I’d argue that Complexions is not nearly as revolutionary as it was back in 1994 (nowadays, we see non-binary partnering, diverse casting, popular music and fused dance genres in ballet as well as in musical theater, hip hop, and modern dance), I wonder if that perhaps-perceived “failure” has actually elevated the company’s fame. You know Complexions when you see it — limbs that seem to go on forever, impeccable technique (and a beautiful ability to play against that “classical” technique), 180° extensions, primarily classical partnering (i.e. a male dancer supporting female dancer), multiple pirouettes that stop on a dime, precise yet fluid ensemble work and a sort of mystical calm control through it all. Audiences go see Complexions because, to an extent, they know what to expect…that signature Desmond Richardson style in a more conventional contemporary ballet juxtaposed with a topical and trendy performance piece…READ MORE


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