Training Pointe is changing the game, taking dance education to a new level

The past several weeks have been a blur for many of us. Studio doors were closed. Summer programs were uncertain of their plans. Dancers were faced with a world that no longer had a certain future. Will companies start hiring again? How do I continue my training? Teachers were furloughed into the same uncertain world wondering when will I be back in the studio teaching again? Wrapped up in this global panic, dancers, teachers, and organizations alike swarmed to social media in an effort to keep their art alive. Please don’t get me wrong—There is a lot of good being done through virtual dance classes. Via Instagram Live, dancers can follow along to free ballet classes from the likes of Tiler Peck, Irina Dvorovenko, and Ashley Bouder. Through the bigger-name studios, dancers from all over the world can take class “together” on Zoom. And with tools like iMovie and Final Cut Pro, choreographers can continue to create and share their work without having to gather dancers in a studio or audiences in a theater. All of these efforts are a true testament to the fortitude of the dance community. We will get through these tough times. Uniting in our art will keep us connected, confident, and hopeful as we embark into an uncertain future.

We’ve been in quarantine for over ten weeks, and I’m sure I’m not alone when I admit that my technique is…slipping. No matter how many hours you spend on your at-home spin bike, in a plank, or at your makeshift ballet barre, you won’t train with the same effort, accountability, and passion as you would in the studio. For most of us, this lockdown seems to keep extending longer and longer. And even when we’re safe to leave our houses, it will probably be quite a while before we’re heading back to class, to school, and to the theater. This is our reality. And as much as we’d like things to go back to normal, no one knows when that will be or how that will even look. So, the question has become: How can we maintain our dance training with the integrity that we all—as a community—deserve?

Imagine a platform where dedicated, talented students have access to world-class teachers, with decades of experience and who are determined to continue teaching, no matter what. A place where teachers can truly reach out and mentor their students for long-term growth, tapping into their true potential. And now imagine using a fully secure, technology that makes it easy to teach and train from home. That is Training Pointe.

Training Pointe was developed during the Covid-19 furlough. A completely new and innovative online platform, it allows pre-professional and professional dancers to have access to the highest quality teachers, targeted classes, and individualized mentoring so that they can get the support they need through distance learning. We’re talking intimate class sizes (less than 12 students), master teachers from the School of American Ballet, Martha Graham Dance Company, Verdon Fosse Legacy, and more, and an easy-to-use and affordable online platform with superior sound, security, and HD video quality. After years of investment in time and energy in the studio, Training Pointe empowers dancers to be able to continue to pursue their dreams.

We will get through these challenging times. We will continue dancing, teaching, learning, growing, and supporting our community. We will come back stronger than ever.

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